Hello again!
This is Tianlu Tang.
I am a  UX designer and prototyper for both screen-based interfaces and emerging technologies, graduated from Art Center College of Design with MFA degree in Media Design Practices.

Designing for screen-based interfaces, I’m highly rigorous about the human-centered design process, with which all design decisions are made with well intentions. While making each pixel perfect, I never lose the bigger picture of the product ecosystem and business perspective. In addition, my transdisciplinary nature allows me to bridge and collaborate in between different teams. I’ve worked with Google, Waymo, Pasadena Department of Transportation and Cedars-Sinai Research Center over the past 3 years.

Designing for emerging technologies, I truly believe in the power of prototypes. I learn and think through making. I prototype with gaming engines like Unity, 3D environments like C4D, Blender, 2D environment like Html & Css, Processing, and physical computing tools like Arduino, Raspberry Pi. I interned as a creative technologist at Apple, Marcom last summer, ideating , designing and prototyping for future AR experience.