Pasadena Dial-A-Ride:
Transportation Experience for Seniors

Pasadena Dial-A-Ride is a local transportation service for senior riders. The booking system has been manually operated through phone call over the past decades. Our team helped to digitalize the booking system, which includes an mobile app and a website.

Time: 2018
Type: Team Work
Focus: User Research, UX/UI


A transportation booking system that allows caregivers to book a trip for senior riders.
Mobile App for individual caregiver
Web-end Booking System for group caregiver (senior facilities)

Book a ride on mobile for seniors

The mobile app is designed for both individual riders and their caregivers.
Caregivers can book a ride for their loved ones, while riders can book for themselves as well.
Here shows the flow in which a caregiver books a trip for his mother:
STEP 1: Select rider
STEP 2: Set locations
STEP 3: Set pickup time
STEP 4: Select payment method

Flattened IA friendly for
the middle-aged and above

During our user research, we found out aged users have difficulties navigating in an Information Architecture with depth, especially when jumping between different pages.

Thus, we designed a flattened IA where the whole booking process happened in a single page. Using steppers as visual guidance, users feel confident and in control of the booking process.

Modularized home page
providing quick access

Here shows the iteration of home screen design.

Originally we promoted the idea of offering straight-forward main entrances. Since the majority of target users are not tech-savvy, we thought populating too much information on home screen would have overwhelmed users.

However, during user testing, we realized that providing quick access to most recent updates saves users a lot of energy digging out what they need.
Original Design

Book a group trip on web-based booking system

The web-based booking system is the business solution for senior facilities, such as daycare center.
The system allows users like daycare center managers to book a group trip for senior riders.
In addition, users can easily manage big trunk of riders' data as well as multiple trips in this system.
Import data and create a group
Book a trip for a group of riders

Dashboard with a calendar view
designed for higher efficiency

The home dashboard provides quick access to latest updates in the system. In addition, a calendar view is provided for users such us manager of daycare center.

During our research, we realized that senior facilities demand a big volume of group trips on daily bases. A clear schedule would help users better manage and oversee all the trips for different groups.

Simplified design for complicated
group booking flow.

The booking flow in web-based system was designed to be consistent with the mobile booking flow. Guided by steppers on the left and flattened IA, users never get lost in this complicated booking flow. Keeping all steps in the same page allows the user to go back to any step anytime and make a change.

The design for multiple pick up and drop off locations was once challenging. After a lot of iterations and testing, this was the simplest version we came up with. When select multiple pickup/dropoff locations, the system will preload riders' home address. The user can make a change for each of them afterwards if needed.


This was a heavily user-research emphasized project. Our team had a close partnership with Pasadena Transit office who provided a lot of first-hand quantitative data for us. We were also actively engaging with local senior facilities, interviewing senior riders and their caregivers to gather qualitative data. Being rigorous about the user-centered design process, all designs were well intended. The full documentation of the design process was hosted in the link provided here.